Go Green Forever

Queenie’s Beeswax Wraps are made in Australia from 100% beeswax, resin and coconut oil. They are reusable, washable and a natural alternative to plastic wrap.


All Queenie’s fabrics are chosen firstly on quality of being 100% natural cotton. In addition, each fabric must be unique, beautiful and rare to find. Living sustainable means each product must be purchased with Purpose, Function, and Beauty in mind. Queenie’s fabrics are chosen for their bold patterns and prints to suit any interior design kitchen.


The 100% Australian beeswax used at Queenie’s is one of nature’s gifts. Beeswax has antibac- terial and non toxic properties have been used in food preparation for centuries. All over the world beeswax is popular for coating cheese by sealing out the air and giving protection from mold growth. Now beeswax is favored to use as a cover for bread, fruit, vegetable and all kinds of snacks. This miracle wax is also water repellent and has an indefinite shelf life.

Damar Gum

The damar gum is food safe and used in goods that need a sticky quality. Queenie’s damar gum is sustainably sourced from Dammar gardens in Indonesia who practice methods to avoid deforestation.  Damar gum adds a water resistant quality and gives better folding ability to the wraps. 

Coconut/Jojoba Oil

Queenie’s uses 100% organic, food grade coconut oil. The cold extraction process preserves the natural goodness of the coconut oil without using chemicals or heat. Coconut oil gives off a beautiful aroma and pleasant taste and can replace butter in many recipes; therefore ideal for beeswax wraps. The Australia Jojoba oil used is anti fungal to give the wrap a more tacky quality and the ability to cling. Both oils are added to soften the wax and make it into a more usable wrap.  

Go Green Forever

Queenie’s Beeswax Wraps
#1 alternative to plastic wrap.