Mission Statement

To work everyday in a space that is respectful, honest and hardworking for all stakeholders; Mother earth’s material gifts, people who we buy from, customers whom we sell to and ourselves.

Queenie’s Beeswax Wrap has been founded out of a love for the environment and a passion to help all ani- mals. Secondly to spread the word of an excellent product to reduce, reuse and refuse plastic everyday. Lastly to incorporated a hobby of collecting stunning, quality fabrics and turning them into sustainable, useful and beautiful products. Living in Japanese for 16 yrs one learns the art of simple living as there is little space to accumulate excessive belongings. Simply living brings into life a love of quality goods that have purpose, function and are esthetically beautiful. Queenie’s Beeswax Wrap are environmental, functional and beautiful.

1. Purpose

The Purpose of Queenie’s Beeswax Wrap is to help save the environment. By reducing the use of plastic wrap we can stop the amount of plastic in landfill and oceans. Plastic threatens the health and safely of animals and particularly marine animals; thousands of whales, birds, seals and turtles are killed every year from plastic litter.

2. Function

Queenie’s Beeswax Wraps are a practical way to reduce plastic wrap on cheese, fruit, vegetable and snacks. They are useful due to the antibacterial quality of beeswax that keeps food fresher for longer.

3. Beauty

Japanese fabrics has been chosen at Queenie’s due to the quality and beautiful designs. The Japanese have been transporting food in fabric wraps for centuries and understand the minimalist approach to simple living. Each piece brings into the home a sense of quietness, harmony and uniqueness. These fabrics adds a rare and individual quality to the home or as a gift.

Go Green Forever

Queenie’s Beeswax Wraps
#1 alternative to plastic wrap.